Monday, May 24, 2010


For those who are avid fans of LOST like myself, you will know that the ultimate TV show final FINALE was last night. After 6 great seasons, Lost came to a close. Some say that it was a perfect ending, others say there were too many questions still left unsaid and they don't feel like it resolved. To those who feel that way, I say... "Move On." The ending for me was perfect! A lot of emotional drainage happened but I loved it. I don't feel like any really important question weren't addressed, just a few 'whatevers' and a few 'I'll just make up my own reasoning fors.' :) Don't get offended by me saying this, it's just my opinion, I promise it's ok if you have another......


What's a LOST premiere without a spectacular LOST party?

Eliot & I contributed with a delicious fruit medley.... Bananas, Papaya, Mango.... and less islandy strawberries, blackberries, pears, etc. AND We are not fans of Beer or Soda, so we got Jumex, which is fruit nectar and covered it with Dharma beer labels. So awesome! But wait, there's more!

Crazy Kate roasted a delicious Boar for us! (pork ;)) and her friends somehow got us some of Hurley's Mr. Cluck's Chicken! (or they made it homemade and it was delectable!) Yummy, yummy meat!

Have a Cluckity-Cluck-Cluck Day!

The Cake! Ohhhh the Cake! Thanks Kate! :)
We start with a side view, then move onto the baker, the ceremonious cutting of the cake, the oozing banana middle, and a lovely view of my lucky slice!

Lots of delicious happenings! Here are some fun photos of us partying way too hard......

The party animals (I used the wrong lens for these group shots, oh well)

Likes it, mom helping out (good job mom), and he's losing it...
(just for those getting worried, again it's just juice) 

Time for bed...

It was a wild night! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tea Party!

For the end of last semester I had a final for color photography. I wanted to do some elaborate portrait piece, but in the end decided to go with some simple colorful teacups (and teapot). I actually love these photos, so if you don't like still life don't tell me because I love them way too much, and my heart might break like how easily one of the cup handles broke when I accidentally dropped it in the sink. :( Anywho, if you would like to know where I purchased them, the answer is Anthropologie. Where else in the world could you find such wonderous things? Lucky you, if you love them that much, they still have them, even though I bought them last summer.


I know this video is a little interesting, but I like it and this one and some of her others have given me inspiration for some fun photo shoots. Sooo... I give you Lisa Mitchell, Coin Laundry. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Found Something!

Ashleyannphotography I just came across this awesome blog! She's a super talented photographer, mom to some stinkin cute kids and I love her diy craftiness! Check it out HERE just for fun. She's definitely inspired me. :)

Here's an example of her awesomeness....

Also, if you're a fellow craft lover like me... the Beehive Bazaar is going on right now, HERE is a link to their facebook page so you can get all the info. Hurry though, it ends this Saturday. Thanks to Holley for introducing this awesomeness to me. :)