Friday, March 14, 2014

It is... Music to My Eyes

Finally, the culmination of my higher education career has come. Some say that over 4 years is too much for an art degree, I agree... to disagree. ;) Well, honestly I used to be a Vocal Performance major before starting this journey into the visual arts. With that in mind, you can see why I have chosen Music to be a part of this exhibit, since it has been a great influencer. I would like to invite you to my final BFA project. If you choose to come, be sure to bring your smart phones that can read QR codes and if you don't mind, a set of your own headphones, mainly if you come to the opening night reception. Otherwise, there should be plenty of headphones available on any other day. I hope to inspire you and to engage you in a subject that I feel is pretty universal for all of us. The love of Music. 

J&J Wedding

This wedding took place a while ago, but they were so fun and it's worth sharing.